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Clinical Data Collection Solutions


Mi-Forms technology enables powerful eClinical data collection solutions with highly accurate handwriting recognition, intelligent edit checks, workflow and integration capabilities. Mi-Forms solutions allow customers to eliminate paper processes and streamline data collection into an efficient system. The flexibility of the Microsoft.Net-based Mi-Forms platform and its familiar paper-like user interface allow implementation and integration to be rapid and convenient. Finally, automating paper data collection processes makes information available to existing systems for reporting and analysis in near real-time.

Data Capture Devices


    Digital Pen                    Tablet PC



Mi-Forms Features in Data Collection

•    Efficient Data Capture – Mi-Forms streamlines form-based data collection by enabling electronic elements such as pick lists, bubble groups, checkboxes, discrete entry fields, barcodes, and digital signatures. Data can be transferred immediately to backend systems after form completion, meaning data is available for analysis and reporting in near real-time.

•    Custom Form Design – Mi-Forms provides flexible form design capability including an intuitive graphical interface with WYSIWYG layout tool, point and click edit check builder, scripting language option and extensive data communication features.

•    Powerful Edit Checks – Business rules and logic can be running in real-time as users complete e-Forms, resulting in fewer errors and more accurate data.  A form can include no edit checks, simple edit checks such as required fields, or highly complex edit checks such as cross-field validation and calculations for scoring.

•    Highly Accurate Handwriting Recognition – Mi-Forms on Tablet PC or UMPC will convert handwriting into machine readable text in real-time, as users complete the forms. Form data collected with Digital Pen is converted whenever the Pen is docked to a PC or connected to a server. Powerful, patented handwriting recognition technologies allow users to continue their familiar processes of recording handwritten data with a pen, while having the benefits of immediate electronic data.

•    Flexible Integration and Communication – Providing data exports in a variety of standard formats, including CDISC, XML, ODBC, CSV, PDF, and web services.  Mi-Forms solutions can be integrated into any EDC system, CDMS or database. Mi-Co is a member of the Medidata Developer Central online developer community, and Mi-Forms can integrated with Medidata Rave via the Rave Web Services API. Mi-Forms customers can also select the best collection option for their users and needs from a variety of devices – Tablet PC, UltraMobile PC, Digital Pen, Windows Mobile, laptop or PC.  

•    Compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 – The Mi-Forms core technology has been validated for compliance with 21 CFR Part 11. Mi-Forms provides key clinical data integrity and security capabilities including audit trails, time stamps, date stamps, and 128-bit encryption.

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