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Mi-Co Data Collection Solutions

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Quality Assurance Solutions


In the rigorous regulatory environment of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Quality Assurance is the name of the game. Pharma companies produce thousands of tons of the purest-grade products that must be inspected and tested constantly to ensure compliance and quality.

Mi-Co provides solutions to Pharma manufacturing facilities for the use of docked Tablet PCs at inspection stations, with the following benefits:

-          Increases accuracy of data collection in inspections with business logic in forms

-          Provides real-time feedback to line managers to control production line start & stops

-          Allows for increased supervisory control and monitoring of errors

-          Improves efficiency while increasing quality throughput

With clients including major Pharma companies like Elil Lilly, Mi-Co can provide the best in class Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Quality Assurance solutions to ensure that you obtain the highest efficiency and accuracy in your processes.

Benefits of More Immediate Data

By eliminating paper collection and manual re-entry, data can be available in near real-time in existing systems. More immediate data in the system means greater visibility for managers and the ability to evaluate results for critical decisions at an earlier point in time.

According to R&D Directions Magazine, pharmaceutical companies can lose $1 million in revenue per day from delays caused by existing paper-intensive processes. Why wait weeks for your data to be available in the EDC system?

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