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Mi-Co Data Collection Solutions

Informed Consent Form Solutions 

A hospital’s informed consent process has an impact on a wide variety of metrics including accreditation requirements, CMS reimbursement compliance, medical malpractice risk, adequate patient education, work-flow associated with paper forms and operating room efficiency. A study of informed consent processes for cataract patients found that inadequate consent was a secondary cause in greater than 90% of malpractice cases. In addition, informed consent related causes were among the top 10 reasons for medical malpractice suits against hospitals.

With Mi-Forms on Tablet PC, CRH can eliminate the use of paper forms in data collection during this process and store the electronic consent forms in a variety of data formats. Healthcare professionals will be able to handwrite data and obtain patient signatures into e-forms that look and feel very similar to their current paper versions. 


Mi-Forms can be used in either an online or offline/store and forward mode. Once the forms are complete and all edit checks satisfied, healthcare professionals can send the finished forms by choosing a complete or finish button. The forms will be transmitted to a Mi-Forms Server as soon as an Internet or network connection is available, where they will be added to an incoming queue for review, workflow steps and data exports to existing database systems. At the same time, a PDF image and data export of the completed form could be generated and e-mailed, printed or saved on the network for document management and processing.


Benefits of More Immediate Data

By eliminating paper collection and manual re-entry, data can be available in near real-time in existing systems. More immediate data in the system means greater visibility for managers and the ability to evaluate results for critical decisions at an earlier point in time.

According to R&D Directions Magazine, pharmaceutical companies can lose $1 million in revenue per day from delays caused by existing paper-intensive processes. Why wait weeks for your data to be available in the EDC system?

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