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Mi-Co Data Collection Solutions

Site Monitoring Solutions

A critical part of running any trial is the site visits by Clinical Trial Monitors (CRAs, Project Managers, others) to check site protocols, data integrity, source documents and more. These monitors are usually highly trained and expensive, producing reports at each of the sites they visit. Monitors often write these reports on paper and then type it into their web-based EDC or CTMS systems. As a result, this usually:

·         Causes redundant double-key data entry              

·         Prolongs site monitoring report transmission

·         Increases expenses since monitors bill by the hour

·         Produces errors between the paper-reports and e-reports

·         Inconveniences monitors and disrupts their workflow

 Mi-Forms’ point-of-contact solutions for site-monitoring reports provide monitors the way to produce these reports on Tablet PC or Digital Pen devices with:

·         Real-time feedback and business rules to check accuracy

·         One-time report composition with quick electronic transmission

·         The ability to work online or offline

·         Natural preferred pen-based workflows

·         Integration into any existing back-end EDC or CTMS system



The following is an example of the compelling ROI that can be realized by CROs and sponsors using the Mi-Forms technology:

 *  Time Savings (conservative) – 1 hr/report/monitor vs prior process

 *  Monitors – 16 ($130/hr billable rate)

 *  Study Duration – 84 weeks

 *  Total reports generated – 140 (2 pgs/report)

 *  ROI using Mi-Forms on Digital Pen devices - $430/monitor/month

Contact us today to schedule a web-demo and learn more about the compelling value and savings that Mi-Forms can bring to your trials.


Benefits of More Immediate Data

By eliminating paper collection and manual re-entry, data can be available in near real-time in existing systems. More immediate data in the system means greater visibility for managers and the ability to evaluate results for critical decisions at an earlier point in time.

According to R&D Directions Magazine, pharmaceutical companies can lose $1 million in revenue per day from delays caused by existing paper-intensive processes. Why wait weeks for your data to be available in the EDC system?

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