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Mi-Co Data Collection Solutions


BeyondEDCTM Mi-Forms pen-based data collection solutions offer an easy, natural system for collecting electronic data immediately at the point of data generation, online or offline. BeyondEDCTM Mi-Forms for Tablet PC and Digital Pen provide powerful advantages over ordinary paper, traditional double-key and web-based data entry in eClinical applications such as Site Visit Reporting, Electronic Case Report Forms (eCRFs), Informed Consent Forms (ICFs), and Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO). In addition, BeyondEDCTM Mi-Forms solutions have been used to automate paper processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing quality assurance.

With BeyondEDCTM Mi-Forms solutions, organizations can achieve:

•    More accurate and efficient data collection. With BeyondEDCTM Mi-Forms, fewer people touch the data, and powerful handwriting recognition with optional live edit checks drive accuracy to over 99%.

•    Easy, user friendly data entry that supports existing workflow - users simply write on “smart” e-forms or digital paper.

•    Faster data collection. BeyondEDCTM Mi-Forms eliminates the tedious and error-prone data entry processes of ordinary paper. No time lags between collection and database, no lost paper and no more mailing delays.

•    Significant Return on Investment. Automating and optimizing paper processes saves time and reduces costs, while freeing up expensive clinical staff resources for higher value-add tasks.

Contact us today for more information about how BeyondEDCTM Mi-Forms can be used for eCRF processes, site monitoring and site visit reports, informed consent forms (ICFs), ePRO and Pharma Manufacturing QA.



Benefits of More Immediate Data

By eliminating paper collection and manual re-entry, data can be available in near real-time in existing systems. More immediate data in the system means greater visibility for managers and the ability to evaluate results for critical decisions at an earlier point in time.

According to R&D Directions Magazine, pharmaceutical companies can lose $1 million in revenue per day from delays caused by existing paper-intensive processes. Why wait weeks for your data to be available in the EDC system?

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