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Since 2001, organizations such as CROs, pharmaceutical firms, biotech companies, medical device manufacturers, and academic and government labs have used Mi-Forms’ pen-based e-Forms solutions to provide their users with a secure, easy way to collect critical electronic data at the point of data generation, online or offline.

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Some examples of customers using Mi-Forms technology in their clinical data collection include:

•    A global, full-service CRO utilizes Mi-Forms technology for Digital Pen, allowing better quality data to be collected more quickly and at lower cost for sponsors while meeting site needs for ease of use. Found to be more than 4 times as accurate as web-based data entry.

•    A major medical device company compared an industry leading scanned forms processing solution to Mi-Forms on Tablet PCs. 5000 CRFs were filled in each system. 60% of scanned forms had a discrepancy. Less than 0.5% of forms filled with Mi-Forms on Tablet PC had a discrepancy.

•    A major California medical system using Mi-Forms to collect and validate national registry data on tablet PC, as well as other clinical data collection projects, saw a 34-38% time savings with Mi-Forms. The study also saw significantly lower error rates with Mi-Forms on tablet PC compared to paper plus web-based data entry.

•    Funded through the US NIH National Cancer Institute, a comparative study of mobile electronic data entry systems for clinical trials data collection at the University of North Carolina, Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, proved that Tablet PC and Digital Pen with Mi-Forms technology outperform other alternatives.  Published in International Journal of Medical Informatics.

•    The Principal Investigator for National Cancer Institute DMIST trial chose Mi-Forms for CRF data collection. This study involved over 49,000 women at 33 sites in the US and Canada. Mi-Forms saved time and reduced errors.

•    Sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) and six other institutes, centers, and offices of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Hispanic Community Health Study / Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL) is a multi-center epidemiologic study. The UNC Center for Collaborative Studies is using Mi-Forms on UltraMobile PC to streamline data collection in study recruitment, with capabilities to generate the random selection value on the fly and simplify recruiter workflow.  16,000 study participants will be recruited.

•    Duke Cancer Care Research Program (DCCRP), part of Duke University Health System in Durham, North Carolina, chose Mi-Forms technology with Digital Pen for a retrospective chart review. Form data was directly written to the destination database/EDC system, replacing redundant, error-prone manual data entry processes. Through use of Digital Forms with Digital Pen technology, study duration and costs were reduced by 50% while accuracy of data was dramatically improved.

•    A leading pharmaceutical services organization chose Mi-Forms technology to enable tablet-based data collection during critical patient assessments, automating processes to improve workflow, save time and reduce errors.

•    A major medical device manufacturer chose Mi-Forms technology for CRF data collection in trials of medical devices.

•    A major site for contracted clinical trials of dental products used Mi-Forms on Tablet PC for a dental device trial at 3 sites across the country over a 1 year period. Average time for CRF data collection dropped from 3 weeks to less than 72 hours. Major improvements in error rates and monitoring time have also been achieved.


“Compared to the common process of data being handwritten on paper CRFs from patient charts or subject interviews, then typed into EDC via a browser, Mi-Forms Point of Contact technology saves significant time and effort. Data is available to sponsors in near real-time, instead of days or weeks after the patient visit, and optimizes the use of EDC in clinical studies.”

–  Rob King, Chief Operating Officer, PharmaLinkFHI

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