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Since 1999, Mi-Co has been providing pen-based electronic data collection and process automation solutions to a wide variety of industries. In healthcare,  BeyondEDCTM Mi-Forms technology is used by hospitals, home health agencies, clinical research organizations, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and clinical trial sites to automate and optimize the processes of paper-based data collection.

Mi-Co e-forms technology includes 7 patents issued and 5 patents pending in digital ink and mobile data collection technology. BeyondEDCTM Mi-Forms provides the most natural user unterface, powerful and flexible solution configuration, and open standards for integration to any existing system, allowing our solutions to deliver significant Return on Investment.

In clinical studies, BeyondEDCTM Mi-Forms extends and optimizes standard web-based EDC systems by eliminating the need for site personnel to manually re-type data collected on paper CRFs. This eliminates keying errors, reduces cost and improves workflow. BeyondEDCTM Mi-Forms enables rapid data flow to the EDC system for query generation and resolution, reporting and analysis.

Other BeyondEDCTM Mi-Forms applications for clinical research include site monitoring and adverse experience data collection. Mi-Co’s technology has been in use in clinical studies since 2002 and was featured at DIA ePharma 2002 in the presentation “Evolution to Point of Contact Systems” by Robert King, currently COO of global CRO Novella, and Gregory Clary, Mi-Co CEO.   BeyondEDCTM Mi-Forms solutions are available for Tablet PC, UltraMobile PC, Pocket PC and Digital Pen.

BeyondEDCTM Mi-Forms technology has been validated for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and is CDISC compatible.


“We’ve simply replaced pen and paper with digital ink and Tablet PCs.  With this change, we’re now in a position to collect an entire spectrum of data and deposit the data simultaneously in a clinical system or a national registry. At the Medical Center we can now even send images of forms to our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System saving a number of steps in that process. It’s like zapping your paper form right into the database.”

–  Dr. Richard Shaw, Director of Research, Quality and Education for the Sutter Pacific Heart Centers of Sutter Health

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